Tom Hendren

Operating Advisor

Tom Hendren is an Operating Advisor at Rock Mountain Capital and focuses on partnering with management teams of growing consumer goods businesses, leveraging his 25+ years of experience working in the beauty retailing & manufacturing space.

Previously, Mr. Hendren served as Executive Chairman and Head of Global Business Development at Array Marketing, a Toronto-based global designer and manufacturer of retail merchandising solutions (displays/store fixtures and environments) for beauty brands and retailers. Mr. Hendren previously served as President and CEO of Array Marketing. In these roles, Mr. Hendren worked closely with both high-growth beauty brands and marquee beauty retailers, and he was instrumental in establishing Array’s global capabilities, including operations in Asia, Europe and LATAM Mexico.

Mr. Hendren has a degree in accounting from Glasgow College of Technology and is an Honorary Professor of Marketing at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, UK, where he is a frequent guest lecturer.

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